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Our Philosophy

The Education of The Hand

The education of the hand has always been an essential part of life here at Berea College. Working individually and together as a team our students discover and enrich their artistic and problem solving potential, starting with the most basic raw materials and creating objects of utility, beauty, and expression. Through the Student Craft program we believe our students experience the full breadth of a traditional liberal arts education by nurturing the development of a complete thinker, while bringing the College’s guiding principles, The Eight Great Commitments, to life through their dedication to craft.

Our Crafts
Our Crafts

Products Backed

By Real Stories

When you buy one of our products, we believe you are buying much more than a bowl or a basket. Each piece is imprinted with the identity and heart of the student who made it. Behind each product is a story. These are the stories we want to share with you: the stories of our students who come from all of the world, the stories of our supervisors who give their time and talent to teach and mentor, the stories of a historically diverse campus, dedicated to the equality of all peoples of the earth. The products we make are our way of sharing these unique stories. We hope you enjoy.

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