Aaron Beale

Associate Vice President of Student Craft

No longer a practicing craftsperson, Aaron’s work focuses on the amplification of the work of our staff and student craftspeople here at Berea College. Trained as a chairmaker by Appalachian chairmaker Brian Boggs, Aaron earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Wayne State University with a focus on labor history and the lives of working people. This lifelong commitment to celebrating the historically excluded forms the foundation of his vision for Berea’s Student Craft program.
Steve Davis Rosenbaum

Steve Davis-Rosenbaum

Director of Craft Education Outreach Program

Steve’s work, developed over the past 35 years, originates in the basic human joys of eating and cooking with all their overtones: fireside, nourishment, caring and celebration. Beautiful pottery dishes have become synonymous for his love of food and its presentation. Steve is a former Resident Potter at Berea College. He earned an MFA from the University of Georgia with a focus on Ceramics.

Rob Spiece

Director of Woodcraft

Prior to joining the team at Student Craft in the fall of 2021 Rob had been splitting his time as a studio furniture maker and a teacher of woodworking. His work seeks to add the studio furniture movement of the past 100 years. Rob has published articles in Woodcraft Magazine, Fine Woodworking, and Furniture & Cabinetmaking. In 2020, he (along with collaborator, Larissa Huff) was awarded the Wharton Esherick Prize for Excellence in Wood at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. He seeks to challenge himself and his students to find empowerment and joy in the act of making.

Chris Robbins

Director of Broomcraft

Chris’ work has continually striven to elevate the artistic appreciation of everyday objects. Chris developed a love of broom making at age 14 and began working in a Broom Shop in Renfro Valley, KY. As a high school senior, he developed a work-study class where he could spend half his day at home making brooms for sale. Chris has made brooms for Disney World, been featured in several TV shows, and his work has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Philip Wiggs

Director of Ceramics

Philip’s personal work is focused on the intersection between life and the objects that we own. In addition to Philip’s role within Student Craft, he also enjoys a position on the faculty at Berea College, teaching classes in Studio Ceramics and Appalachian Ceramics. In both roles, Philip goal is helping students understand the contemporary and historical context of being an artist and craftsperson as they find where they fit into this brilliant spectrum. Philip is a graduate of Berea College and earned an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Massachusetts and an MAED from Eastern Kentucky University.

Erin R. Miller

Director of Weaving

Erin’s work explores the intimacy and fragility of the human relationship with cloth through a variety of textile and printmaking techniques. Her work is informed by social inequity, consumer culture, and her queer identity. She received her MFA in Fibers from Eastern Michigan University and her BFA in Textiles from Kent State University. While pursuing her education, she operated a small garment design business focused on reclaimed and sustainable material. Her work has been exhibited internationally and her designs are in private collections throughout North America and the UK. Her most recent work focuses on comfort and coping through the cultivation of natural dye producing plants and quilting.
Hunter Elliott

Hunter Elliott

Director of Apprenticeships

Hunter’s work focuses on questioning the role of common materials, objects, techniques, and standardized systems to expose unexpected and unusual results. Hunter joined us as a Craft Apprentice in August 2020 and has since earned the role of Head of our Apprenticeships program, in addition to providing support for our students in the broom studio. Under Hunter’s leadership the Craft Apprenticeship program is committed to creating opportunities to develop skills and education to foster careers in the fields of craft and design for historically underrepresented populations. The Craft Apprenticeship program aims to extend the reach of Berea College Student Craft to encourage the continuation of craft traditions as well as innovation. Hunter earned a BFA at Kent State University with a focus on sculpture and printmaking.

Emerson Croft

Weaving Assistant

Originally from North Carolina, Emerson joined Student Craft as staff in the fall of 2021 after graduating from Berea with a B.A. in Biology. As a student working in the weaving studio they designed the Elements blankets, an explicitly non-gendered line of baby blankets inspired by their nonbinary identity and connection to nature. Their personal work uses multiple forms of media, including music, fibers, and writing, to explore the connections between social sciences, life sciences, and art.
Jedidiah Radosevich

Jedidiah Radosevich

Woodcraft Assistant

Having made an Appalachian dulcimer while at Berea College and an acoustic guitar at the Hindman School of Luthiery, stringed instruments have become a focus of Jedidiah’s woodworking. Jedidiah is a 2019 Berea College graduate with a degree in Technology and Applied Design.