Aaron Beale

Director of Berea College Student Craft

Aaron Beale has been with Berea College since 2013 and led the work of teams at Facilities Management and worked to improve business processes across campus before becoming Director of Student Craft in July of 2018. Aaron brings years of experience as a woodworker and craftsperson to his role with Student Craft and is dedicated to helping our students represent the College’s Great Commitments, and all Berea students through the work they create. (859)985-3224

Susan Buckmaster

Director of Retail Sales and Business Development

Susan has been with Berea College for almost 5 years. When exploring the possibility of moving to Berea from Louisville, she discovered Berea College and knew immediately that was where she wanted to work. Susan has a BS in Business and a Masters of Science in Social Work, both from the University of Louisville. After years in the corporate world, she knew she wanted her work to have more depth and meaning, which is why she decided to go back to school and study Social Work. Working at Berea College is the perfect blend between her background in marketing and her desire to work for an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of all people. (859)985-3193

Deloris Reed

Assistant Director of Berea College Student Craft

Deloris began her career with Student Craft in 1989 and has influenced the lives of 100’s of students, helping them find their way and earning recognition from the College as Labor Supervisor of the Year. Deloris’ connection to Craft goes back even further than 1989 as the Reed family led the efforts in Broomcraft for 72 years. Deloris’ father, mother and brother were all Heads of the Broomcraft program and Deloris grew up in a family dedicated to helping Berea College students reach their potential. A proud legacy she continues to this day.

Steve Davis-Rosenbaum

Craft Education and Outreach Program Coordinator

Since 2012, Steve has directed the Craft Education and Outreach Program (CEOP) in becoming a regional resource for providing craft workshops focusing on Appalachian culture for schools and communities throughout the Appalachian region. The CEOP programming serves Berea College’s Great Commitment “To engage Appalachian communities, families, and students in partnership for mutual learning, growth, and service”. Each program inspires visitors, schools, and communities through exposure to traditional craft media and an exploration of their connection to the Appalachian tradition of MAKING.
Steve holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics at the University of Georgia and Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his work with CEOP, Steve owns and runs SDR Pottery and maintains a studio in Lexington, Kentucky. His work is published in books and magazines and shown in regional and national exhibitions.
For more information on the Outreach program, please click the link below to visit the Outreach website.

Andy Glenn

Head of Woodcraft and The Woodworking School at Pine Croft

Andy Glenn joined the team at Berea College Student Craft in the summer of 2017. Since Andy's arrival, the Woodcraft program has begun a return to traditional joinery, hand tool instruction and use, and a re-commitment to the pursuit of excellence that made Berea synonymous with quality handcraft. Andy came to Berea after spending 14 years in the northeast (first in Boston, then Maine), where he trained at the North Bennet Street School (NBSS) before working in repair, cabinet and furniture shops. For ten years, he has taught continuing education classes at NBSS and as a guest instructor in the Cabinet and Furniture Making program.

Chris Robbins

Head of Broomcraft

Chris has been with the program as Head of Broomcraft for 9 years. He has been making brooms for 21 years and started at the age of 14. Chris learned the trade in the most traditional manner studying broom making from an older broom maker he met at a local craft fair. During Chris’ 21-year broom making career he has consistently blurred the lines between utility and art, consistently broadening peoples’ perspective about what a broom can be. Chris grew up here in Appalachia in nearby Rockcastle County, KY.

Philip Wiggs

Director/Resident Potter, Ceramics

Philip is a graduate of Berea College and holds an MFA from UMass Dartmouth and an MAED from EKU. He has been a part of the Ceramic Apprenticeship Program (with a couple of breaks) for the past 17 years. In his staff position Philip has the unique opportunity to be part of both Student Crafts and the Art Department, teaching courses in Ceramics, Appalachian Ceramics, Sculpture, Drawing and Design. Philip grew up in neighboring Jackson County, and is proud to claim Appalachia as his home.

Erin Miller

Head of Weaving

Erin is new to the program, taking over as Head of Weaving on July 1st, 2019. Erin came to us from Eastern Carolina University where she taught in the Textile Design program after having earned her MFA from Eastern Michigan University and BFA from Kent State University. Erin was excited to join the Student Craft program because of the work we are doing to support the College’s Great Commitments and tell a broad diverse stories through the objects we create. In her first month she successfully introduced 3 new products to the line; the “Glade” and “Pinnacle” placemats which support the work of Philip Wiggs’ students in Ceramics telling the story of the College’s founding in “Fee Glade” and our 117 year commitment to the College Forest with the “Pinnacle” products. She has also collaborated with students to create our new “Rainbow” baby blanket demonstrating our commitment to Pride, inclusion, and as the student who wove the blankets said; “…representing who we really are as students with the items we make”.