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Deloris Reed’s Story

By November 19, 2019February 17th, 2021No Comments

From the time she was a young child, Deloris Reed has always had a strong and unique connection to the student Craft Program. With both of her parents and an older brother working for the Student Craft Program, Deloris’s early memories are peppered with pieces of Craft’s own history. Deloris remembers riding on the metal carts used in the Craft Warehouse as a young child, and playing around in what is now the Shipping Department while her parents worked. While times have changed since then, Deloris uses the same carts to move craft items today as her parents did before her.

In 1989 Deloris began her first job at Student Craft, in the shipping department. She worked there for five years, training students to properly pack and ship items, and managing the warehouse. She then worked her way up to the front office where she handled customer service and sales, which she continued to do until the last few years. Recently, Deloris has moved back to the shipping department where she once more has the opportunity to work with the students in the warehouse to ensure that all Student Craft items get shipped out on time.

Deloris says she’s seen a lot change over the years, but one of the most positive changes she’s seen has been in her student workers. She says, “Students are more creative, they want to take responsibility now.” She believes working with students and being able to see them grow has been the most rewarding part of her job and that they help keep her young. Students who work with Deloris are given the opportunity to take ownership of their labor position

Of her time at Berea College Deloris says, “I am honored to work for Berea College, knowing how my mother, father, and brother have left such a legacy.” Of her own lasting contributions to the Student Craft Program Deloris says nothing, but her many former students who come to visit bring their spouses and children to meet the woman who had an incredible impact on their lives.