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Student Craft Staff Apprenticeship Program

By January 24, 2023January 27th, 2023No Comments

In Its Fifth Year

Started in 2018 as an extension of our Crafting Diversity Initiative, the Staff Apprenticeship program in Student Craft shares the knowledge gained from 129 years of experience with craft at Berea College while expanding learning opportunities for students by bringing new mentors and teachers into broom making, ceramics, weaving and woodworking studios.

The Student Craft Apprenticeship Program is a paid 3-month opportunity that includes housing in Berea and is overseen by former apprentice and now director of apprenticeships, Hunter Elliott. For approximately 80 percent of their time, apprentices work alongside Berea students supporting the education, production and design needs of the program while developing skills and learning about work in a craft production setting. For the remaining 20 percent of their time, apprentices will be encouraged to focus on their individual work creating a capstone project that will be exhibited alongside work created by full-time Craft staff.
Sales of these pieces will benefit Berea College.

Previous apprentices include:

 Taylor Stiles
 Jedidiah Radosevich
 Arlo Rosdatter
 Chris True
 Hunter Smith
 Hunter Elliott
 Emerson Croft
 Thea Zwier
 Paskalini Savopoulos-Wilkins
 Anna Routson
 Sydney Lent
 Jose Alfredo Ramos-Macias
 Alexandra Catizone

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